About This Site

Hi All,

My name is Shane Gelven, you can find me on Board Game Geek at Gelvo.

I love Deckbuilding games, especially Dominion. So I wanted to do something for the community of Deckbuilding fans.

Why DeckEngine?

  • As I am not constantly playing these games I cannot always remember all of the cards. I figured others would be the same.

  • There are also times when I just want to look and compare cards to help plan strategies.

  • Having the rules for each card online in a searchable database also seems useful. I have been in the middle of a game and with my iPhone I have been able check the official rules for everyone at the table.

  • Similarly to the Gatherer website for Magic the Gathering, I felt there should be an easy way to find any card for Dominion, Ascension and other Deckbuilding cards.