Dark Ages
Each other player gains a Ruins. You may play a Cultist from your hand.
When you trash this, +3 Cards.
When you play this, you draw two cards, then each other player gains a Ruins. These come from the Ruins pile in the Supply, and are put into discard piles. Go in turn order starting to your left; each player takes the top Ruins, revealing the next one each time. If the Ruins pile runs out, players stop gaining them at that point. After giving out Ruins, you may play another Cultist from your hand. It can be one you just drew from playing Cultist, or one you already had in your hand. Playing a Cultist this way does not use up any extra Actions you were allowed to play due to cards like Fortress - the original Cultist uses up one Action and that is it. When you trash a Cultist of yours, you draw three cards. This happens whether or not it is your turn, and whether or not the card that causes Cultist to be trashed was yours. If you trash a Cultist while revealing cards, such as to a Knight attack, you do not draw the revealed cards that are about to be discarded.