Death Cart
Charrette de cadavres
Dark Ages
You may trash an Action card from your hand. If you don't, trash this.
When you gain this, gain 2 Ruins.
When you play Death Cart, you get + 5 Coin, and either trash an Action card from your hand, or trash the Death Cart. If you have no Action card in your hand, you will have to trash the Death Cart, but you can trash the Death Cart whether or not you have an Action card in hand. A card with multiple types, one of which is Action, is an Action card. When you gain a Death Cart, either from buying it or from gaining it some other way, you also gain 2 Ruins. You just take the top 2, whatever they are. If there are not enough Ruins left, take as many as you can. The Ruins come from the Supply and are put into your discard pile. The other players get to see which ones you got. The player gaining Death Cart is the one who gains Ruins; if Possession (from Alchemy) is used to make another player buy Death Cart, the player actually gaining the Death Cart (the one who played Possession) gains the Ruins. If you use Trader (from Hinterlands) to take a Silver instead of a Death Cart, you do not gain any Ruins. It doesn't matter whose turn it is; if you use Ambassador (from Seaside) to give Death Carts to each other player, those players also gain Ruins. Passing cards with Masquerade (from Intrigue) does not count as gaining them.