Ill-Gotten Gains
Argent noir
When you play this, you may gain a Copper, putting it into your hand.
When you gain this, each other player gains a Curse.
This is a Treasure worth 1 Coin, like Copper. When you play it, you may gain a Copper. The gained Copper comes from the Supply and is put into your hand; you can immediately play it. If there is no Copper left in the Supply, you do not gain one. When you gain Ill-Gotten Gains, each other player gains a Curse. This happens whether you gain Ill-Gotten Gains due to buying it, or you gain it some other way. The Curses come from the Supply and go into discard piles. If there are not enough Curses left to go around, deal them out in turn order, starting with the player to the left of the player who gained Ill-Gotten Gains. Ill-Gotten Gains is not an Attack, and gaining it is not playing an Attack; cards like Moat from Dominion do not work against it.