Jack of all Trades
Gain a Silver.
Look at the top card of your deck; discard it or put it back.
Draw until you have 5 cards in hand.
You may trash a card from your hand that is not a Treasure.
This card does four separate things, in the order listed; you do all of them (the last one is optional). First, gain a Silver from the Supply, putting it into your discard pile. If there are no Silvers left in the Supply, you do not gain one. Second, look at the top card of your deck, and either discard it or put it back on top. If there are no cards left in your deck, shuffle your discard pile to get a card to look at (this will shuffle in the Silver you just gained). If there are still no cards, you do not look at one. Third, draw cards until you have at least five cards in hand. If you already have five or more cards in hand, you do not draw any cards. If there are not enough cards left to draw between your deck and discard pile, just draw what you can. Fourth, you may trash a card from your hand that is not a Treasure card. Cards with two types, one of which is Treasure, are Treasures.