King's Court
Cour du roi
Corte Real
You may choose an Action card in your hand. Play it three times.
This is similar to Throne Room (from Dominion), but plays the Action three times rather than twice. You pick another Action card in your hand, play it, play it again, and play it a third time. This does not use up any extra Actions you were allowed to play due to cards like Worker's Village - King's Court itself uses up one Action and that is it. You cannot play any other cards in between resolving the King's Court-ed Action card multiple times, unless that Action card specifically tells you to (such as King's Court itself does). If you King's Court a King's Court, you will play three different Actions after that, playing each one of them three times - you do not play one Action nine times. If you King's Court a card that gives you +1 Action, such as Grand Market, you will end up with 3 Actions left afterwards, not the 1 Action you would have if you just played three Grand Markets.