Philosopher's Stone
Pierre philosophale
Piedra Filosofal
When you play this, count your
deck and discard pile.
Worth 1 Coin per 5 cards total between them (rounded down).
This is a Treasure card. It is a Kingdom card; it will only be in games where it is randomly dealt out as one of the 10 Kingdom cards, or otherwise selected to be one of them. It is played during your Buy phase, like other Treasure cards. When you play it, count the number of cards in your deck and discard pile combined, divide by 5, and round down. That is how many coins this produces for you. Once played, the amount of coins you get does not change even if the number of cards changes later in the turn. The next time you play it, count again. If you play multiple copies, obviously the number will be the same for all of them. It does not matter what order your discard pile is in, but the order your deck is in matters. Do not change that order while counting! You will get to look through your discard pile as you count it. You only count your deck and discard pile, not your hand or cards in play or set aside cards. You cannot play more Treasures after buying something in your buy phase; so for example you cannot buy a card, then play Philosopher's Stone, then buy another card.