Pirate Ship
Bateau Pirate
Barco Pirata
Choose one: Each other player reveals the top 2 cards of his deck, trashes a revealed Treasure that
you choose, discards the rest, and
if anyone trashed a Treasure you take a Coin token; or, +1 Coin per Coin token you've taken with
Pirate Ships this game.
When you first take this card, take a Pirate Ship player mat. If you use the Pirate Ship to trash treasures, a player with just one card left reveals that last card and then shuffles to get the other card to reveal (without including the revealed card); a player with no cards left shuffles to get both of them. A player who still doesn't have two cards to reveal after shuffling just reveals what he can. Each player trashes one Treasure card at most, of the attacker's choice from the two revealed cards. As long as you trashed at least one Treasure card in this way, place a Coin token on your Pirate Ship player mat. You can't get more than one Coin token each time you play Pirate Ship, no matter how many treasures it trashes. If you choose not to try to trash treasures from the other players, the Pirate Ship is worth one coin for each Coin token on your Pirate Ship player mat. The Coin tokens are cumulative, so after you have used your Pirate Ships to trash coins 3 times (and you trash at least one Treasure card each time), any Pirate Ship you play could be worth 3 coins. Pirate Ship is an Action-Attack and players can reveal Secret Chamber even if you choose to use Pirate Ship for the coin value.