Scrying Pool
Bassin divinatoire
Each player (including you) reveals the top card of his deck and either discards it or puts it back, your choice. Then reveal cards from the top of your deck until revealing one that isn't an Action.
Put all of your revealed cards into your hand.
First you reveal the top card of each player's deck, and either have them discard it or have them put it back. If people care about the order, go clockwise, starting with yourself. You make a separate decision for each player. After you finish making those decisions, reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal a card that isn't an Action card. If you run out of cards without revealing a non-Action card, shuffle your discard pile and keep going. If you have no discard pile left either, stop there. Put all of the revealed Action cards into your hand, plus that first non-Action you revealed. If the very first card you revealed was not an Action, that card goes into your hand. Cards with multiple types, one of which is Action, are Actions. The only cards that go into your hand are the ones revealed as part of revealing cards until finding a non-Action; you do not get discarded cards from the first part of what Scrying Pool did, or cards from other players' decks.