While this is in play, when you buy
a card costing 4 Coin or less that is not a Victory card, gain a copy of it.
This is a Treasure worth 1 Coin like Copper. Each time you buy a non-Victory card costing 4 Coin or less with this in play, you gain another copy of the bought card. If there are no copies left, you do not gain one. The gained card comes from the Supply and goes into your discard pile. If you have multiple Talismans, you gain an additional copy for each one; if you buy multiple cards for 4 Coins or less, Talisman applies to each one. For example if you have two Talismans, four Coppers, and two Buys, you could buy Silver and Trade Route, gaining two more Silvers and two more Trade Routes. Talisman only affects buying cards; it does not work on cards gained other ways, such as with Expand. A card is a Victory card if Victory is any of its types; for example Great Hall from Dominion: Intrigue is an Action - Victory card, so it is a Victory card. Talisman only cares about the cost of the card when you buy it, not its normal cost; so for example it can get you a Peddler if you have played two Actions this turn, thus lowering Peddler's cost to 4 Coin, or can get you a Grand Market if you played Quarry.