Each player may reveal a Province from his hand.
If you do, discard it and gain a Prize (from the Prize pile) or a Duchy, putting
it on top of your deck.
If no-one else does, +1 Card +1 Coin.
First you get +1 Action. Then each player, including you, may reveal a Province card from his hand. Then, if you revealed a Province, discard that card, and you gain a Prize of your choice, or a Duchy, putting whatever card you took on top of your deck. If there were no cards in your deck, it becomes the only card in your deck. There are five Prizes, set out at the start of the game; see Preparation. You can only take a Prize from the Prize pile. You can take any Prize from the Prize pile; you do not have to take the top one. You can take a Duchy instead, whether or not the Prizes have run out. You can opt to take a Duchy even if the Duchy pile is empty, or a Prize even if no Prizes are left; in these cases you gain nothing. After gaining your card or not, if no other player revealed a Province, you draw a card and get +1 Coin . So this card will play out one of four ways: 1) if you do not reveal a Province and no-one else does either, you will get +1 Action +1 Card +1 Coin; 2) if you reveal a Province and no one else does, you will gain a Prize or a Duchy and draw it, as well as get +1 Action +1 Coin; 3) if you reveal a Province and so does someone else, you will get +1 Action and gain a Prize or a Duchy, which will be on top of your deck; 4) if you do not reveal a Province but someone else does, you will just get +1 Action. When you gain a Prize, take whichever remaining Prize you want. You can look through the Prizes that players have not gained yet whenever you want.