Trash a card from your hand.
Gain a number of Silvers equal to
its cost in coins.
When you would gain a card, you may
reveal this from your hand.
If you do, instead, gain a silver.
When you play this, trash a card from your hand, and if you did, gain a number of Silvers equal to the cost of that card in coins. The Silvers come from the Supply and are put into your discard pile. If there are not enough Silvers left, just gain all of the Silvers that you can. You only gain Silvers if you trashed a card. lf you trash a card costing 0 Coins, such as Copper, you will gain zero Silvers. You can trash Silver if you want; you will gain three Silvers for it normally. If costs are different, such as due to playing Highway, then Trader will give you a different number of Silvers, based on the current costs. For example if you play Highway and then Trader, trashing an Estate, you will only gain one Silver. If you trash a card with Potion in its cost from Dominion: Alchemy, you do not get anything for the Potion, just for the coins that the card cost. Trader is also a Reaction. When you gain a card, whether due to buying it or due to gaining it some other way, you may reveal Trader from your hand to instead gain a Silver from the Supply. If you do this, you gain a Silver, not the card you would have gained; if something would have happened due to gaining the other card, it does not happen, because you did not gain it. For example if you buy Ill-Gotten Gains but use Trader to gain Silver instead, no-one will gain a Curse. However if something happens when you buy a card, that will still happen if you replace gaining the card with gaining Silver. For example you can buy Farmland, trash a card from your hand and gain one costing 2 Coin more, then use Trader to gain Silver rather than Farmland. If the card you were going to gain was not going to your discard pile, the Silver still goes to your discard pile; it the card you were going to gain did not come from the Supply, the Silver still comes from the Supply. If there are no Silvers left in the Supply, you can still reveal Trader when you gain a card; you gain nothing instead of the card you would have gained.