Young Witch
Jeune sorcière
Bruja Joven
Discard 2 cards. Each other player may reveal a Bane card from his hand.
If he doesn't, he gains a Curse.
Setup: Add an extra Kingdom card pile costing 2Coin or 3 Coin to the Supply.
Cards from that pile are Bane cards.
This card causes there to be an extra pile in the Supply, called the Bane pile; see Preparation. The extra pile is just like other Kingdom card piles - it can be bought, it can be gained via cards like Horn of Plenty, it counts for the end game condition. When you play Young Witch, after you draw 2 cards and discard 2 cards, each other player may reveal a Bane card from his hand; if he does not, he gains a Curse. This attack hits other players in turn order, which matters when the Curse pile is low. Players may still respond to a Young Witch with Reaction cards like Horse Traders or Moat (from Dominion); those happen before Bane cards are revealed. If Secret Chamber (from Dominion: Intrigue) is the Bane card, first you can reveal it for its Reaction ability, and then, if it's still in your hand, you can reveal it to avoid getting a Curse.